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About Me

Hey there!

I'm Mohammad Bakry a freelance web developer based in Cairo, Egypt. 

After more than fourteen years working in every branch of IT field, I decided to stick with Web Development eleven years ago. I believe that It’s better to specialize in one field and give it your heart, mind and soul so I can be aware of all new Techs and trends about it and be a competitor in the market.

My job is to build your website so that it is functional and user-friendly but at the same time attractive. Moreover, I add personal touch to your product and make sure that is eye-catching and easy to use.

I respect . . honesty, faithfulness, discipline and good manners.

I can’t stand . . . lies, bad manners, betrayal or carelessness.


Al Azhar University

Licentiate in Educational Technology


Al Azhar University

Licentiate in Educational Technology

Work Experiences

Freelance Web Developer
2013 - Current


IT Consultant
2020 - Current

Raya Trade co.

IT Team Leader / Webmaster
2009 - 2013

Leaders International School

Computer Technical Support
2007 - 2009

Comec Computer Services

Computer Technical Support
2003 - 2007

EIT El Etreby for Import & Trading

Frontend Development 90%
Frontend Development
Backend Developmet 80%
Backend Developmet
WordPress 95%
Photography 90%
Video Editing 70%
Video Editing
Voice Over 80%
Voice Over

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